Africa Connect is a diversity, innovation and business cluster for SME’s in that engage in business in Norway and on the African continent. 

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Women encounter varying degrees of discrimination on the grounds of gender, race, religion, sexual preference or socio-economic disposition. 

Supported by OXLO, Springboard will address socio-economic discrimination and difficulties that women of immigrant background face in Norway particularly as it relates to finding work and employment.

Over a three-month period, Africa Connect will facilitate a series of workshops and seminars in collaboration with video journalists, female entrepreneurs, business leaders, government and corporate bodies. 

Event Ended - Springboard will be back in 2020!

Upcoming Panel Discussion - "Job Creation for & by Women" - November 19, Oslo

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Africa Connect

As Africa continues to grow as a continent, and as individual countries within the continent continue to show high performance and growth, the founders of ACN have found that the Norwegian and Nordic participation in this growth is limited on the ground. Several Norwegian SMEs and individuals have unique ideas, competencies, products and services that the African market needs and given the continually globalized world we live in, local Norwegian companies need to grow internationally especially in growth markets.

Our Cluster is for

ACN works to bridge the gap between Scandinavia and Africa using its knowledge, network, experience and expertise from Norway and Africa. We create a space and platform for mobilizing and promoting Norwegian companies with African interests. It is our mandate to encourage, support and grow businesses that create valuable solutions using Norwegian expertise in Africa. Our offerings include but are not limited to:

Some of our Services

Virtual Hub

The ACN HUB will provides a virtual space, where companies, SMEs and individuals can meet to connect, thrive, grow their businesses, share best practices and offer their services.

Capacity Building

ACN will focus on building jobs and capabilities that corresponds to sectors highlighted in the 2030 developmental goals.

Networking Events

ACN will exclusively connect advisers, finance, SMEs and entrepreneurs to innovative ideas that create development and job opportunities in Norway and Africa.

market Insight

The ACN team and larger network provides local content information and valuable advice to companies, by leveraging our strong skillsets and experiences in doing business in Norway and Africa.

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